Angel Number 555 Spiritual Meaning + Symbolism | Why You Keep Seeing 555?

Have you lately been noticing the number 555 everywhere around you? Whether it is the number plate, the wall clock, your ticket number, or anything else showing you 555, it’s the angel number and you really need to understand the angel number 555 meaning before it is too late. Well, don’t worry; there is nothing to panic as the number only brings good news and is a way your Guardian Angel is trying to send you a message.

If you really want things to move forward positively for you, you really need to stay optimistic and be upbeat in your attitude. These really are the important changes that will bring some good, positive results for you as you desire, revealing the true purpose of your life. When you are regularly shown this pattern of numbers, it’s actually because your angels want you to get free from any uncertainties and apprehensions you may have. They try to tell you that everything around you is happening for a reason and you must stay positive no matter what the situation is. The changes that take place in your life are all meant to free you from the constraints that have always held you back and also allow you to pursue the purpose of your soul free as someone spiritual.

Getting curious how Angel Number 555 will affect your life? Here we have complete details on Angel Number 555 meaning and the spiritual message linked to it to help you understand what it actually implies. But, before we get into that, let’s first try to understand some basics.

Who Are These Angels?

Angels are actually the divine messengers who have played their role as a communicator throughout the history in a lot of different spiritual traditions. Divine creations and angels play a central role in many stories that have a major acceptance in different world religions.

The angels usually appear to individuals for delivering some vital information that relates to the evolution of the spiritual tradition. In modern spirituality, the angels have also carried over as the communicators of the divine and our own higher-self.

It’s believed that a major job that angels have to perform is to guide people and support them through their life’s different cycles. The guidance, which hardly comes through a direct verbal communication, is often available through symbols, messages, and signs placed in one’s path.

Quite often, the angels communicate their divine messages through patterns of the clouds forming in the sky. Similarly, one may also find a coin randomly without even expecting it.

More often than not, angels use numbers as well as number patterns for disseminating information to humans. Now, that’s where the angel number 555 meaning belongs as these number patterns can be formed with triple digits as well. These numbers are very clear, and they often are noticed rather easily and can grab anyone’s attention when some big event is about to happen in their life.

What Does The Number 5 Mean In Numerology?

Numerology is a complete science where every number carries a particular meaning. The meaning of each number is significant in the fact that it lends further insight into one’s spiritual path, the spirit numbers themselves, and also what different angel numbers are about.

As far as the number 5 is concerned, in numerology, it reflects different possible life changes coming up, any developing changes, and guides one to take risks.

The number 5 also serves as a spirit or mystical number. So, whenever you see the number 5 in some way in your everyday life, it means some type of spiritual or visionary experiences lie ahead of you. It signifies your communication with the angels as well as other high-vibration spiritual beings.

So, if you’ve already set out on your path as a visionary or a spiritual seeker, you should build up on the courage you get from the numerology number 5. The number 5 reflects the positive energy that makes you imaginative, fearless, and dedicated as you work around to discover the truth.

Inherent Power Of The Triple Numbers

While there are certain meanings of different numbers in numerology, the triple numbers have their own exceptional power and meaning. Take any triple number – be it 333, 444, or 888 – there is exponential power hidden behind it. Three same digits appearing in a row – like 333, 444, or 555 – deliver a certain message from your spirit guides and angels.

The number 3, for instance, gives you a reminder about your abilities of co-creating with the divine – just the way it is in divine trinity. So, a number that is repeated thrice gives you a unique wake-up call to bring your creative powers forward and use them to your best potential.

The Number 5 Symbolizes Change

The number 5 itself has unique sacred geometry and you need to understand that if you want to understand the angel number 555 meaning. Look at the top of the number and it’s looking forward towards the future. Check out its bottom and it’s directing towards the past. Besides, the number has a curved shape in the lower section and that doesn’t really make a stable base.

A look at the number can make you feel that your life’s foundations are shifting right under your feet. Yes, 5 is a vibration that can bring revolution and break the status quo. It is capable of bringing some serious changes in one’s life whether they’re ready to accept those changes or not. In fact, when start seeing the number regularly, your soul is already ready to accept the change no matter if your egoistic mind is ready for that or not.

Many also consider the number 5 to be all about fun and new experiences. If you have fallen into a routine or a rut, the number 5 will remind you of the fact that this life is all about enjoying your 5 senses. You should meet new people, and try something different. Maybe have some adventure or go for something else that excites you.

The Angel Number 555 Is Meant To Prepare You For A Big Transformation

Mother Nature always tries to inform you of something sudden that is about to happen through different signs and hints. Sometimes, you are planning to change your job, relocate your home, leave your relationship, or even have some adventure, but there’s that voice deep inside your head which is constantly telling you that you should let things be and continue in the same fashion. You keep asking why change when you are managing things well in the current situation.

Still, your soul keeps urging you to experience a change, try something unique and new, and bet on your abilities to achieve even better.

So, whenever you see angel number 555, it’s a message from the angels that you really need to take that leap of faith and not listen to anything else. In fact, even if you are not ready to make conscious choices towards the proposed changes, the Universe will do that for you and put you in a situation where you should be.

Yes, 555 Angel Number Is Your Wake-Up Call From The Angels

If you do some numeric calculations on the 555 angel number, it adds up to 15 i.e. 5 + 5 + 5 = 15.

If we talk about the concepts of numerology, the number 15 talks about the exact opposite of security and stability.

Up until now, you might have been compromising on your potential to achieve bigger things by focusing on stuff that you think you “should” be doing. You must be settling down on things that are far less compared to your true potential.

It’s your soul that is calling you from the inside to create a new path of your own, a path to your success. But your personality wants more security and prefers things to be the way they are.

Seeing the number 555 repeatedly should be taken as a message from one’s soul that they should start paying attention to their real desires instead of fulfilling others’ expectations from them. You should start ditching the safer choices and rather start taking risks.

Why Are You Repeatedly Seeing Angel Number 555?

Well, that’s very much because your angels are trying to prepare you for the change – possibly the future growth that you should be seeing in the near future.

It is quite likely that your angels and the divine beings just want you to realize that there’s some real personal success just ahead. Even though you might still have to put in a considerable amount of effort and work really hard to achieve that success, this spiritual intervention is certainly going to bring you one step closer to a greater purpose in your life, while allowing you to improve as a person as well.

When you receive these repeated number sequences, they are coming from the celestial powers, and you really should pay attention to them while trying to figure out the angel number 555 meaning.

Having to see these triple number sequences repeatedly isn’t some coincidence. The numbers like 555 have a kind of synchronicity to them and this is how the Universe actually tells you that you’ve synchronized with the real you and the stuff happening in your life starts shifting and changing to allow for newer, far better things to come to you. Just remember here that the new path is shown to you step by step and you need to be patient while trusting that things will be fine once you are through this transformation. Have faith that you are headed in the right direction.

What’s even more important is that you should pay attention to your own intuitive thinking – the voice that comes from the inside – not only to have the guidance you need but also to prepare yourself for what’s coming up next in your life. The communication from your angels might also come your way through different signs such as feathers, coins and numbers. The message is to give you comfort and tell you that you’re under watch and that you are not alone in this journey.

So, in general, the angel number 555 means that you’re about to go through a major change in your life and some new, life-changing events are about to happen. You’ll be shown the numbers to communicate the message at a divine timing so that you are guided at the right time in your purpose for life. Just gear up for the changing fate and to deal with all the transformation happening around you!

5 Lessons The Angels Might Be Trying To Teach You Through Angel Number 555

You must not forget that there could also be various other reasons why the angels are showing you these divine number combinations. Actually, you have to figure out what resonates more closely with your specific circumstances. To begin with, here we have detailed five of the most common meanings of the angel number.

  1. There Is Great Meaning To Your Life

In order to be successful along the new life path, it is important to reinforce your connection with the higher beings. You can certainly do a lot of good to the world around you if you approach your future with the open mind and use the freedom you have to continue doing fantastic things.

When you see the number 555, it’s the reminder from your angels that you’re a divine being who actually ended up on the planet Earth just for experiencing the human life. So, you should always feel your worth as you’re here for co-creating with some Universal Source to complete your life mission. It’s your life that matters in the end, more than anything else.

What’s even more important for you to notice is that the number 555 also belongs to the Jesus Christ. There are 5 letters in the name Jesus. And, when numerology rules are applied, the numbers for “Jesus” give 27 when added up while those for “Christ” give 32. Now, the words “Jesus Christ” can be reduced to only 5 i.e. 27+32 = 59 , 5+9 = 14 , 1+4 = 5.

Besides, in a reported miracle, Jesus fed 5 thousand with just 5 bread loaves, and when his life was about to end, he got 5 wounds as he was on the cross. So, what that implies is that the angel number 555 meaning could simply be redemption and grace. It’s the number for Unity and Christ. The Unity Consciousness is all about figuring out and acting in ways to bring about a positive change while uniting mankind for creating a better world for everyone.

  1. Your Angels Want You To Get Your Mind, Body, And Soul Aligned

Another possible angel number 555 meaning could be that you’ve misaligned with your higher being and the angels now want you to get your mind, body, and soul-aligned.

One’s higher self is believed to be their individual divine aspect. It’s your most perfect part that helps guide you and direct you to the right path throughout your life. According to some, it’s one of the aspects of your soul or spirit.

When the communication happens between you and your angels using symbols, they’re actually sending an alert to your higher self directly so that you could tune into those messages being sent your way.

Whenever you come across the number pattern 555, it means that you should be paying attention to the higher self. Now, it’s pretty much a spiritual concept to align your mind, body, and soul where you try and get your thought patterns, your physical self, and the soul or your higher self on the same page.

Once everything gets aligned, you are able to see things more clearly and that clearly reflects in your decisions. You are better able to connect ideas, and also establish that deeper spiritual connection in different life events happening around you.

For some people, practising meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, spirituality, and yoga can be helpful in reaching one’s maximum potential. It is also considered a way of raising one’s vibration if done with that intention.

  1. Some Big Opportunities Are Set To Come Your Way

The meaning of angel number 555 could also be that there are big opportunities coming your way and you’re about to experience things that might change the entire direction of your life leading you to completely new horizons. If you make this change as a serious opportunity for your growth, it will help you become more spiritually connected as a person. Take it as if your higher powers just want to tell you that everything is possible and you just need to work hard enough for that.

You need to be prepared for the major shift that you’re about to experience in your life and to get yourself on a new path. This anticipated change can bring you answers to your prayers and positivity might fill every aspect of your life. Once you start believing that the changes which come in your life would be beneficial for you, you can capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way.

Start viewing change as a major opportunity to grow. And, remember that these opportunities may come your way in probably the strangest of times. When things start to happen, it’s time you start examining yourself and everything that’s happening around you. Ask questions to yourself! What is being shown to you? What lesson is there for you in everything that’s happening around you? What are your angels trying to tell you?

If taken in this very context, the number 555 could mean that everything happening around you is just to bring you good regardless of the apparent situation. So, you just need to realize the opportunities around you and make the most of them as you’ve already been signalled by your angels.

  1. Have Faith In Your Own Abilities

This number combination also urges you to start believing in your own abilities and develop a sense of self-confidence. Trusting your own intuition is certainly going to help you big time in reaching your goals. If you are being shown the 555 angel number by your angels, it means that they just want you to be certain that you have immense capabilities and you need to trust yourself for making your life better and also the world.

When you see the angel number 555, it means the change you are planning to bring is destined for you and you should trust your abilities to take the right decision right now. It’s your time to act as you’ve been signaled by the divine entities. You’ll have the support you need every step along the way.

  1. Staying Positive Is The Key To Get Through Life Challenges

Lastly, another angel number 555 meaning is that despite all the challenges you’re facing in your life, you must stay open-minded and positive at all times and in every adversity. Setbacks are bound to happen in your life but they should never pull you back. Have faith, think positive, and you’ll get through every problem and every difficulty that you might face. You are seeing the angel number combinations because your angels really want you to continue along your path.

Whatever you face in your life is actually determined by your inner self. Whatever you see around you is actually a reflection of the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions you have inside you. So, when you stay positive, things will start happening positively for you in your life and you will make the right decisions at the right time.

What To Do When You See Angel Number 555?

Well, you just need to stay confident and act natural. There is no need to get panicked when you see angel number 555 repeatedly. It actually means there is some good news or a positive change coming your way in the near future. The message is actually coming from your guardian angels who always want the best for you. Just stay positive, prepare yourself for whatever might come, grab every opportunity, and things will certainly start moving in the right direction for you.

Create Space For New Opportunities

With every breath and step you take in the direction of your mission, your mental focus on a certain life matter carries specific energy that becomes an “attracter.” In this magnetism, you attract people, places, and things that match the specific energy of the thoughts that you’re thinking. With that in mind, the specific energy that is radiating from you is attracting specific life experiences to you. The 555 meaning, in this case, is that the specific events in your physical life are attracted to the type of energy that you’re transmitting from the thoughts of your mind.

For example, if you regularly think about what you fear in life, then you will radiate an energetic vibration of that fear. And as a consequence, you will attract life experiences that will match the energy of what you fear. From that connection, you will be surrounded by people, places, and things that worry you. And hence, you will attract more of the negative energy that will continue to stress you.

From another point of view, if you regularly think about what brings peace in your life, then you will radiate an energetic vibration of that peace. And as a consequence, you will attract life experiences that will match the energy of peace around you. From that connection, you will be surrounded by people, places, and things that are in harmony with you. And hence, you will attract more of the positive energy that will continue to bring calmness to you. In due time, you will experience life changes that will lead you on a new path to a place of peace where your soul desires to be.

Learn And Grow From Lessons

On a soulful level, seeing 555 is a reminder to observe the people around you. In this view, the people in your life are your “teachers” in disguise, and what they say or do can impact you. Specifically, they play a part in the transformation of who you are becoming. Whether they are family members, friends, coworkers, or other people you meet in your daily existence, these individuals give you the opportunity to improve yourself by letting you see what they are doing. With observation, you realize their behaviour helps you gain insight into your life’s situation. In this light, what you see in others, you see in yourself.

For example, if you admire a person’s inner strength for speaking up when something is not right, you are being given the opportunity to find your inner strength to be true to what is right for you. In this lesson, you are being urged to find your courage and share your voice when something is not morally right. When you have the strength to stand firm in your good values, your courage will be admired by others watching you. And through your behaviour, you lead and inspire others to do the same as you. Your positive influence helps others to stand firm in what is right, and ultimately, you realize that you are a role model and teacher to the people in your life.

On the other hand, if you dislike a certain person’s behaviour, you are being given the opportunity to see if you are behaving in a similar way. In this lesson, if you are not being respected in a professional or personal relationship, perhaps the other person’s behaviour is a mirror reflection of how you are treating others or yourself in another situation. To receive respect, you first need to behave respectfully toward someone else, and you are also encouraged to stand up for your values by “respecting your True Self.”

With this awareness, you respect yourself by honouring your soul’s desires. And by doing so, you are truly honouring the Divine Creator in you – the True You. At your core, you realize that you are a change-maker, and all the positive change you desire in this world must begin with you.

The Spiritual Meaning of 555

The spiritual meaning of Angel 555 is considered to be spiritual as it is the combination of the number 5 repeated 3 times, recognized as a symbol of kindness, salvation, and grace. Often people think of this number as an answer to their daily affirmations, prayers, or specific thoughts, so it is very important to be aware next time you see Angel number 555 because it is how an Angel is communicating to you that they are listening to your message.

The spiritual realm has a much closer link to our lives than many people imagine. The link is there through angel number 555. Also, every one of us has a spiritual being that watches over us in this material world. The divine beings that watch over us are the “guardian angels.” However, their role is more significant than that. This is because they try and involve themselves in our decisions and offer up their wisdom. Moreover, this happens mostly through the angel number like 555. However, this can only happen if we are open to the idea of their existence. Also, one needs to be ready to look for their messages.

Biblical Meaning of 555

In the Bible, every number that appears in triplicate has a spiritual meaning tied to it. The number 555 spiritually means redemption and the grace of God. Jesus Christ is mostly associated with numbers 5 and 7 in the Bible. In one of the miracles in the Gospels of Luke, Matthew, Mark, and John, Jesus fed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus all received five wounds on the cross at Calvary. However, this is a number that represents the unity of Jesus Christ and the Church.

It also represents the wholeness of human creation. As humans, we have five fingers of the hand and five toes of the feet. We also possess five senses, that is, sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The extremities of the body also add up to five, that is, two arms, two legs, and the head. 555 is also a symbol of the Justice of God. The number 5 has several meanings in the Bible, but the above states are the most important and bring us closer to God in our daily life.

Truths about Angel Number 555

In this life, change is one constant thing. Change is prone to take place one time or the other whether we like it or not. However, seeing 555 assures you that a significant change is coming into your life that you need to embrace. You have been afraid to take chances in the past, but this is not the time for fear. All the dreams you have in your head will become a reality if you put them out there. Your guardian angel will guide your every path, and you shall succeed.

But, it is time to open a new chapter in your life. Risks will and have always been there. The more risks you take, the more likelihood there is that you will succeed. The issue of giving up, leave it to those people who do not believe in themselves. With the guidance of the angels, you will go a long way in making great changes in your life.

But, with the presence of this angel number in your life, it is time to replace non-significant things with those things that are significant. All the things that do not matter you should leave behind and embrace new things that will help you grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Keep an open mind in everything that you do, and your guardian angel will guide and support you.

What does 555 mean for your career?

555 Angel number is a call to explore new territory in your career. It’s time to push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone and grow.

Take on new challenges, be proactive and start new projects.

Where there’s stale thinking, bring a fresh approach and shake things up.

If your intuition is telling you that you’re not in the right job, then pro-active make plans to change. Your guardian angels will help you. But you also need to make an effort and take steps to bring about the changes you wish to see.

555 is a message that through change and variety, you can realign your career with your highest self and greatest good.

If you are unsure what your life path and ideal career should be, get a free numerology reading here. Based on your name and date of birth it will calculate your life path, soul urge and destiny numbers. These will help you discover who you are and what your calling could be.

Seeing 555 Angel Number

Have been seeing 5:55 a lot when looking at your watch? If the answer is in the affirmative, then it means that you are a divine being. Thus, this number is also associated with change and blessings from the divine realm. Through divinity, this number reveals that you are a divine being will a divine purpose on earth. Your whole life on earth has significance to divinity. You represent Jesus Christ through your actions, words, and thoughts. 555 spiritual meaning shows that 555 represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Thus, angel number 555 also represents the presence of angels in your life. Angels manifest in your life to bring positive changes to your doorstep. Embrace life’s positive changes, and you shall achieve all your dreams. Let go of all the things or people that bring you down, and you shall be well on your way to success and blessings-filled life.

555 Twin Flame Meaning

The 555 twin flame number is a clear reminder that you need to show more often your appreciation towards your partner. The sign is calling you to manifest how much you care about your partner, and let them know by doing something nice, wonderful, and filled with love for them.

After all, their happiness is part of your happiness. Notice this number is not a coincidence, you must be aware that your life partner is right there for you, waiting for your loving demonstrations.

555 in Love

This angel number brings attunement with emotions and creativity.

The number 555 in love urges you to have confidence in yourself overcome self-doubt thoughts and begin trusting in yourself! This is the true meaning of 555 in love, if you are in a relationship have to make a decision, trust yourself to make the right one, put a stop to that uncertainty and be confident, your angel is there to guide you through this.

If you are in a serious relationship or have ever had one, then you understand the importance of a little inventiveness. It helps to keep the relationship fresh and fun.

Angel number 555 in Love Means

555 in love means that we must release negative and limiting thoughts. If we are yet to meet our Twin Flame then we need to stay positive. Discouraging thoughts, fears, and doubts will only cause more of the same.

It will prevent your Twin Flame from coming into your life. Raise your vibration. Release the old and renew. If you have been hurt in the past take the lesson that you learned from it and move on. Don’t let it affect the way that you view relationships today.

Angel number 555 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue, a famous spiritualist, says that we need to pay close attention to numbers. We are receiving important messages through numbers and those messages shouldn’t be ignored.

The number 555 isn’t an exception. Angel number 555 Doreen Virtue sees it as a sign of a new beginning.

It is a clear message from guardian angels, telling you that you need to step out of your comfort zone and make something of your life. It is important to believe in yourself and be confident.

Your attitude will be challenged but you need to stay tough. Sometimes you’ll have a feeling that nothing goes well, but you mustn’t give up. Everything happens for a reason.

Whenever your faith is challenged, just remember that angels are on your side. The number 555 is a clear sign of angels’ presence. You don’t see them but they are there.

You’re receiving divine energy and your guardians are trying to show you the way. You just need to know how to read these signs.

Doreen Virtue says the number 555 is a sign of God’s love and protection. That impact of positive energy will make anything possible. Just be patient and wait for your moment to shine.

Angel Number 555 and Alignment With Source

Our angels have access to information that comes directly from the Source.

As celestial beings who hold our best interests always at heart, our angels understand the deeper energetic patterns that we are not aware of that may be running our lives.

Seeing angel number 555 may be a message that we need to change a habitual pattern that is holding us back from realizing our deeper purpose.

Or it could be a message assuring us that, what seems like a drastic or frightening change will actually work in our favour.

Our angels hold us in unconditional positive regard. Their unconditional love for us manifests as a willingness to help us in whatever way they can to help us realize our fullest potential.

Why Do I Wake Up at 5:55?

Do you wake up and see 5:55 am on the clock these days without needing your alarm? If you keep seeing 5:55, it could be a sign that your angels are trying to communicate with you.

The celestial beings are trying to alert you of the impending changes that will soon occur in your life.

With the emergence of the angel numbers 555 in your life, know that your guardian angel is looking out for you. When you see this number, it means they’re ready to guide you towards or through the positive changes in your life.

If you embrace the changes, you will meet your goals and objectives. The meaning of angel number 555 is a reminder from your guardian angel not to pay attention to the naysayers; instead, you need to focus on yourself, let go of your past, and give yourself every chance of living a stress-free, happy, and successful life.


The angel message that number 555 brings should be received with a wide-open heart. It should be viewed favourably by those fortunate enough to encounter it, as well as those brought by other angel numbers.

It is a positive message from the angels and spirit guides alerting you of a major change coming your way.

Angel number 555 is also associated with growth, travel, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Keep an open mind and pay attention, because the way you live your life will soon change for the better.

With the emergence of this number in your life, expect a major change in your surroundings, professional career, and overall personality. Many times, you may not see where the change is leading you; however, understand that everything will fall into place in due time.