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Swollen Eye Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Usually, when you get certain dreams, it is not just another moment in dreamland rather it is a sign. Your subconscious is sending you messages about things that your consciousness might have overlooked.

Dreams about a swollen eye are no different. Depending on the context, a dream about a swollen eye could have numerous interpretations.

Why you dream about swollen eyes

Self-reflection and Introspection

The dream about a swollen eye is your cue to do some self-reflection and introspection. You need to look for the truth.

This is the only way the disconnect from society and life in general you feel can be remedied. All the answers you seek are within you. These will help you make the fresh start you yearn for.

Foreshadow of your fortunes in the future

A sign of how your future will pan out might be presented by the dream of a swollen eye. It shows that your future looks bright and that you should take advantage of this time to plan it out.

Find something you are passionate about and pursue it. Your romantic life is also set to benefit as it will be at its best. This is also a reminder to say what needs to be said to your partner.

Show them how much you love them by telling them deeply felt words of love. The dream of a swollen eye could also be interpreted to mean that there is an upcoming journey in your life.

Hidden talents

Having swollen eyes could be a wakeup call to tap into your various talents either known or unknown to you. You tend to overlook some parts of yourself such as imagination and creativity.

Having this dream is your subconscious telling you to put them to use. Your talents, ideas and some hidden abilities are above average and it would be a shame if you do not utilize them for your benefit. Do not let them go to waste.

Misinterpretation of signs

You are having the dream about a swollen eye because you keep misinterpreting things in your life. At this point, you assume that you are alone and no one wants to help yet the reality is quite the opposite.

Many of the feelings you seem to be getting from your loved ones are wrong. This is because you perceive them all wrong.

Since they have such a great impact in your life, it is time that you took a bit more time to figure out signs so you do not get them wrong. This will prevent you from getting worked up over nothing.

Common dreams about swollen eyes

Dream about a swollen left eye

When you dream about a swollen left eye, it is often a sign of compassion, wealth and/or a bright outlook. Your resilience in the face of problems is commendable. You always bounce back stronger than before when faced with tough times.

Moreover, this dream serves to draw your attention to your inspirational power and enlightenment. They are slowly manifesting in your lives at the moment.

It could also be pointing towards a certain neglected skill or even your untapped potential. Do not waste it. Take advantage of the resource you have within yourself.

This dream also reveals that there might be a leak in your camp. Some matters you deem as private may already be out there and open secrets at that. It is probable that someone close to you is not being truthful. There are forces working against you.

The dream of a swollen left eye may be suggesting that you are pushing your limits physically. You are doing too much on the outside forgetting the inside. You are advised to take time off and take care of your neglected inner child.

Last but not least, the dream of a swollen left eye symbolizes mistakes. You have a tendency of making a lot of mistakes.

The effect these mistakes on your loved ones and others around you leaves you with a lot of shame and guilt. You wish that you could do better.

Fortunately, you are lucky enough to be around people who love accept you as you are with all your mistakes and flaws. Cherish them.

Dream about a swollen right eye

You have been inactive in your own life for a while now. Emotionally and/or physically, you unattached yourself from your loved ones and all those around you.

Dreaming about a swollen eye is about taking a more active role in your life. This dream heralds’ new beginnings for you in your personal life. This dream also expresses your regret about the past.

You wish that you could have acted differently back then.  It is also a sign that you want back in in your life and those of your loved ones. This is a foreshadow of that. You are expected to make some massive changes in your life and a new birth.

Dream about a swollen shut-eye

Dreaming about a swollen shut eye is a symbol of your creative energy and passion. It also seems as if you partake in the pleasures of life and what it else it has to offer, that is, the rewards.

It is good to note that this is a sign that you are doing quite well in your spiritual journey which is very important. Good to note that confrontation is one thing you avoid out of fear.

The symbolism of dreams about swollen eyes

Relationship with siblings

Dreaming about a swollen eye is a symbol of some aspect of your relationship with your siblings. These aspects could be protectiveness, sibling rivalry, nurturance, among others.

If you are fighting with your siblings and get this dream then you are probably not happy about it deep down. Do what you can to mend your relationship with them and bring an end to the conflict. At the end of the day, you are family.

Insight and intuition

The dream about a swollen eye might be a sign of insight and or intuition. You are quite capable of offering insight on a particular issue. This stems from your past experiences and the lessons you learnt from them.

This dream could be referring to a decision that is getting harder by the minute to make. You keep going over this issue trying to find a way out to no avail.

The decision, in particular, might be pertaining to an action that you have to take before moving on to the next step. It might also be a sign that you are in danger of being undermined by some powerful people. You are warned to be careful.

Merge of your character and personality

Dreaming about a swollen eye could be a symbol of the merging of various aspects of your character and personality.

You have always had problems accepting your feminine or masculine side. You have come full circle and is now in a position to accept every aspect of yourself.


You tend to rely on the people around you and the dream about swollen eyes is a symbol of that. It brings to the fore the feelings in your subconscious that somebody in your inner circle is not paying attention to you.

Family unit and prosperity

The dream about swollen eyes is a sign of family unity and prosperity. Family is the center of your life. Your loved ones are closest to your heart and you would do anything for them. It also could be an indicator of the prosperity you will experience in your lifetime.

You are not one to be deterred from pursuing your goals by a reduced probability of success. All the goals you set for yourself you shall succeed in achieving.

Hustle and bustle of your life

When you dream of a swollen eye it symbolizes the hustle and bustle of your life. For one, you are at peace with a part of yourself you did not always like.

However, as good as this sounds you are letting great opportunities pass you by. This is bad for you. Stop letting them pass you by and take advantage of them.

When it comes to love, you desire more excitement in your relationship. You are bored and do not know how to go about it. Find fun ways of doing this.

Re-uniting with people who are far away

Having a dream about a swollen eye signifies reconnection with people who are far away. You need to reach out with certain people who may not be near you or are far away.


The dream about a swollen eye is one that to you have when your subconscious has a message for you. Generally, the message is often one that points you in the right direction especially when something is right in front of you but you keep overlooking it.

Once you have the dream, take the guidance the interpretation offers seriously. Take your time and figure a way out of the dilemma you may be in using the new information the dream and its interpretation offers.

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